New Jersey and New York City Manhattan Massage and Day Spa

  • Adult Services
    HeavenlyExit is a Gentleman's Spa for men over the age of 21. We cater to adult men interested in relaxing, soothing, and sometimes invigorating hands-on massage, delivered by capable certified female therapists who are also friendly, personable and reliable.

    We are alegal, licensed, and respectable business in our community. We do not provide "Adult Services", and we do not tolerate nor condone irresponsible, juvenile, or disrespectful behavior from our patrons.

  • "Extras" and Tipping
    Massage therapy is labor intensive, requiring formal training, licensure, and thousands of hours of practical experience. A great deal of effort goes into maintaining credentials, staying up to date, and keeping fit and presentable. Every time you lie down upon our soft massage table for an hour of relaxing massage, one of our therapists is spending that same time kneading, rolling, and manipulating your muscle with her hands and arms.

    Gratuities or "tips" are a very important part of massage therapy, and whenever you show your appreciation for quality service it is greatly appreciated.

    Our therapists will try and accommodate all of your requests, but there may be no requests of a sexual, illegal, or illicit nature or you will be asked to leave.

  • Full Service Massage
    Our full service treatment is head-to-toe, with full attention to your expressed needs and preferences. Our elegantly decorated rooms, gentle music, soft warm towels and sheets, and private shower with lockers provide for a comfortable and complete massage experience unparalleled in New Jersey.

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