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We staff HeavenlyExit with courteous, genuine and capable International therapists. Our staff is carefully screened for the right combination of talent, conversation skills, massage training, and that indescribable charm that sets "HE" apart from all other spas. For more specific information about our individual therapists and their schedules, enter the "members only" section in the left side menu.
  • Sex Addiction & Alcohol, Drugs
    If you are suffering from sex addiction, or are using drugs or alcohol to try and make your pain go away, or to keep yourself from going crazy, please consider getting treatment for addiction. If you know me, you know I struggled for many years, but I found help and you can too! Please, before you make your next visit to the parlor, make a call and see if you can make a positive change in your life. I hope to see you happy soon!

  • Trained & Skilled
    Our massage therapists must show proof of certified training in massage therapy before they are even considered for employment . Our therapists pass background, attitude, and customer service skill evaluations before ever laying a hand upon a valued customer.

  • Beautiful
    We believe that you can go anywhere for a quickie massage or rubdown, but if you want to spend quiet, restful time in the presence of a charming lady therapist, HeavenlyExit is your choice. We encourage fitness and positive living, and select our therapists for their appeal to our valued customers' preferences. A massage experience is about a connection between you and your therapist - and we work hard to provide an atomosphere of calm, cleanliness, and safety for you to enjoy.

  • Reliable
    We understand that it takes time to develop a meaningful communication with your relaxation massage therapist, and we are committed to retaining the best therapists we can offer. Customer feedback, regular internal review, and the experience of our hands-on managers ensures that your favorite quality therapist will be available for you when you need it. We want to minimize the awkwardness of trying out a new therapist. Let us recommend one for you!

  • Not That Kind of Therapy
    Our style of physical therapies are not everything you need in life. Sometimes you are looking for help in the wrong place when you come into the massage parlor. If you are suffering from deep lonliness, depression, or anxiety, and drinking or using drugs to cope, please consider getting help from a local mental health counselor or treatment center like I did. There are counseling centers all over NJ, and they can help you understand and address your real problems, to improve your life!
Of course, we encourage you to discuss your own personal needs and preferences with the manager, who will try to match your personality, mood, and massage preferences with the best available therapist, to ensure your total comfort and satisfaction. If there is anything you can suggest taht would improve our Heavenly massage experience, please discuss it with the manager.

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