New Jersey and New York City Manhattan Massage and Day Spa

HeavenlyExit will provide more detailed information about our therapists and their work schedules in the near future, behind a "members only" section of this website. To gain access to this reserved section, you simply have to be a customer of HeavenlyExit!

That's right... just come on in and have a session with one of our lovely therapists, or if you are already a customer come in for a refresher massage! Before you leave, ask for a current access code for the website.

We will change access codes at our discretion, but all you need to continue to access our special pages is a new code you can obtain from your therapist on your next visit. Sorry, we will not provide access codes over the phone, and will only provide them to our customers at the sole discretion of the management and therapists of HeavenlyExit.

Our very minimal access control prevents abuse of our website, and helps us to better serve our valuable customers. Access codes do not represent a paid privilege, nor are they transferable nor negotiable. Access is granted for free as a show of appreciation and respect for our gentlemen customers. The management of HeavenlyExit reserves the right to deny access to the website at any time for any reason, via a change of the access code or refusal.

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